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Berry Facts

the most prized of all wild berries, are plump purple berries that grow wild in the Rocky Mountains. The berries have never sucessfully been commercially grown and therefore must be handpicked one by one deep in the mountains. Huckleberries are favorite of the bears and consequently are adventurous to pick. This wilderness factor and scrumptious taste make huckleberries a true delicacy.
is a popular small dark red wild berry, with a pit, thus "cherry". The naturally tart taste is sweetened to make a tangy flavor to be a hit with the gourmet and sweet tooth alike.
is a very small bluish black wild berry that grows on a tall bush at the highest elevations. The berries are harvested in clusters and have a deep rich flavor.
is a delectable blend of Red Raspberries and Wild Huckleberries. The taste is unforgettable!
Rose Hips
is a reddish orange "berry" of the wild rose bush. Rose hips have the highest concentration of natural vitamin C of all plants. The flavor is pleasantly sweet with a delicate fruity flavor.
Sakatoon the prized wild berry of Canada, is a sweet dark purple wild berry found in abundance by small lakes and streams. Saskatoons are the earliest wild berry to harvest and have a creamy sweet taste.
is a red or golden yellow wild berry found in valleys and stream banks on a bush known for its long sharp thorns. The berries are not ready for harvest until after the first frost. The Buffalo Berry has a distinct zippy marmalade flavor.
yes from the Spruce tree. We harvest new spring growth and render the juice to make a glaze with robust taste, especially delicious as a glazing on pork and lamb.
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